Tooth-Colored Restorations

Naturally Beautiful Restorations

When treatment for dental disease becomes necessary, you don’t have to compromise the look of your smile. At Rosenfeld Dental Studio, we offer restorations made of leading edge dental materials, including composite resins and strong, durable ceramic. As we restore health and vitality to your teeth, we keep your smile beautiful and all-white..

Composite Resin, Tooth-Colored Fillings

Because composite resins are not made of metal, we can blend and mix shades to find the perfect color to match your natural teeth. This means only you and your dentist will know you have fillings. Another pro is that the tooth/composite bond actually supports the remaining tooth structure, deterring breakage and insulating against temperature changes. Best of all, composite resins allow us to keep more of your natural tooth structure intact than amalgams. We believe in conservative dentistry – the more natural tooth structure you keep, the better teeth you’ll likely have in the future.

All-Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Restorative dentistry is designed to repair a damaged smile. We understand that though you care about the health of your smile, you care about appearance as well. At Rosenfeld Dental Studio, we use ceramic restorations to protect your teeth while preserving your white smile. Because there is no metal foundation, no grey ring appears as the gum recedes over time. Your crown or fixed bridge will continue looking natural, so you can continue to smile with confidence.

Experience exceptional dentistry for exceptional smiles at Rosenfeld Dental Studios. Whether you are seeking cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, or implant dentistry, Dr. Rosenfeld will meet and exceed your expectations. Contact our Westwood dental practice today for your appointment or free cosmetic consultation. Residents from River Edge to Park Ridge, from Ridgewood to Alpine and all points in between will appreciate our outstanding service and convenient location!

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